Wednesday, March 18, 2015

About Me

I'm a mobile software developer, which means I work making iOS and Android apps (no requests for Windows phone apps yet!).

Update (02/2016): I have accepted a position as an after-hours online tutor for software development students at the Salt Lake Community College. Because of this, some of my new blog entries will be dedicated to issues brought up by students.

I was born in Chile and I currently live in South Jordan, Utah.

The reason why I'm making this blog this blog is pretty simple: I enjoy teaching what I have learned so far about software development to other people, and I believe that teaching is also the best way of learning. Also, I will be using this blog as a way to document what I'm doing so I can then refer back to this blog in case I forget how to do something specific.

Pretty simple, isn't?

I will do my best to write tutorials about specific mobile development topics that I have learned over the years, so if you (yeap, I'm making a huge assumption that somebody out there will find this blog and actually read it) have a question or have a specific request, just let me know.

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